Winter Warmer: Tips in Choosing the Best Electric Fireplace

Traditional wood-burning provides great warmth during winter, but with the advent of modern technology, we can already achieve what it totally feels like by just plugging in an electric fireplace and achieve warmth effortlessly. Electric fireplaces come in various sizes, styles and cost found in-store and can also be ordered online. There are great advantages offered by electric fireplaces aside from the aesthetic side, some models or popular brands offer the same crackling sound of a real wood-burning fireplace for your real-like experience.

The supplemental heating it provides may be adjusted considerably,  less chance for fire accidents or burn injuries brought by the traditional type. Majority have heaters and blowers built-in for proper heat circulation, and some use infrared technology for lesser drying which is considered more efficient. Electric fireplaces come with remote control, for flame and heat adjustment.

There are several types of electric fireplaces such as bioethanol fireplaces, free-standing, inserts, articles and wall-mounted type. Bioethanol fireplaces are known as" ventless" because this type doesn't use electricity but rather smoke-free ethanol or a special gel. Generally, the wall-mount type provides a contemporary look, sleek and cozy design for your home, and some brands with LED back light feature outlining the frame in light.

Log sets and electric fireplace logs would fall under the category of electric fireplace inserts, where as the free-standing are electric fireplaces that are attached to a TV stand, a portable one, with mantels and entertainment centers. Multiple functions can be achieved because some designs are suited for multimedia storage for organizing your TV, speakers, or music components.  For more info about electric fireplace, visit

Best electric fireplace are generally environment friendly because no toxic fumes are produced nor no byproducts are hazardous to health and the environment. Other advantages include no ventilation needed, no need to use wood or burn fuels, and no moisture or mold growth compared to traditional fireplaces. Most trusted and reliable brands also come with built-in air filters to help clean the air you breath.

Electric fireplaces are also kid safe and pet-friendly, because merely touching the flames is like touching a tv screen, and the part where the heat is discharged will not really cause red-hot or total skin burn. Always remember though, to still follow strict appliance compliance and it may help reading product reviews and blogs to help you check the best electric fireplace suitable for your home. Safeguard you and your family's welfare by only trusting the best and high-quality fireplace. Read here for electric fireplace reviews.